About Me

I’m a MSc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering student at Boğaziçi University. Before, I worked as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at Sabanci University. I was working on a System Identification Project. During my undergraduate education, my passion for robotics has made my research area be Computer Vision along with Robotics.

I personally define myself as a robotics enthusiast who is working hard to become a scientist. The word “working hard” means “try as much as you can” for me. I always learn new things and improve my works by iteration. On each iteration, my works gets better, because I believe that the faults are tutors that teach us the right way. I’ve been improving myself in programming and hardware, because robotics is an interdisciplinary area. To become a scientist, I know that I must complete my graduate education in a top ranked university which has research groups in my related area, because I want to be very active with regard to Computer Vision and Robotics in my graduate education; that’s why, I’m at Boğaziçi University.


My codes are stored in Github:


To see my questions and answers:
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Software and Hardware Technologies that I use:


Note: I don’t have any rights of logos and please refer their websites. This is just for illustration purposes. Also, please refer to http://bl.ocks.org/eesur/be2abfb3155a38be4de4 for this beautiful d3.js illustration.


I am running each week. So, trying to keep my personal records.


FASTEST 10K: 59:53


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